Monday, 13 July 2015


So, I was walking home today and started singing to myself. Not too loudly, but if you were about two metres behind me, you would have heard me.
I started with a gosple chorus, which I sang for a while, then I started singing my secondary school anthem and mid-way through, I forgot the lines. Now, I know this isn't breaking news, but I used to lead the entire school in singing it during assembly. In my defense, I finished secondary school about a decade ago. Not that I have succeeded in convincing myself  that's a good enough excuse.

I attended a Unity college, back when they set the standard for O'level education in the country. It was in a different state and my first time away from home, I was so excited. This was proof that i was finally a big girl. 

The first day of school couldn't have come sooner. My parents dropped me off, and I happily waved them goodbye, all the while wondering why the other girls were bawling. Subsequently however, I cried helplessly every time I was taken back to school. I cried till S.S.1.It felt like going back to prison each time. Let's not even mention bullying( that will be a topic for another day).  Looking back though, those were fun times and some of my closest friends now, are from back then.

Lets have fun with this, drop a comment stating the first stanza of your secondary school anthem. I'll go first.
           Hail great alma mata
           FGGC Ikot Obio Itong
           North, south, east, west, come for shelter
           To learn and play and love
           May the good Lord help and guide us
           in our bid to build our nation
          Our dream is to love thee 
          and serve thee selflessly.



  1. lol.good memories!I went to an all girls boarding school in Accra-St Marys. our anthem goes this way

    'Hear how gaily all the birds sing at st marys,see how brightly flowers bloom there.voices ring out clear and joyful at st marys. of truth faith and love assured. Dear st marys,our st marys we shall face the future fearless,calm and gay. Dear st marys our st marys,we will be dearer year by year'
    That was long..phew...

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