Friday, 31 July 2015


Fridays are great days. On Fridays I am ecstatic, you can try your best to annoy me and you will not succeed.

This wonderful day when I know I don't have to come in to work for the next two days. Believe me, I'm virtually floating around all day. I'm not a party girl or someone who goes out much and the thought  of not waking up early to go to work and just watching t.v. or reading a novel all day is ......(no words).

P. S. Has anyone ever thought about the fact that we spend a lot of time (13 years in my case)    studying and cramming for tests, exams and there is no set time for just Being? Right after school we jump feet first into the "labour market" hustling.
Yes,I know it's unrealistic and " who no work no go chop" but I'm allowed to dream. That is why this is titled RANDOM THOUGHTS.

Have a great weekend!


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