Monday, 13 July 2015


Have you ever eaten a very tasty meal only to realise to your utter dismay that what you had just eaten was the very last portion of food on your plate?

It is a very frustrating feeling, I tell you.
Picture this, I am eating this very tasty meal of jollof rice and chicken, happily munching away in the manner in which only a very hungry person eats which means I can't be  bothered to chew it completely, so I can hurry to the next spoonful. Mind you since I have been watching my portions, I only had about ten tablespoons of rice on my plate. All of this while watching TV because I can't eat unless I'm watching something, and then I look down and realise that  the last spoonful was what just went in my mouth.

I actually exclaimed in shock. If I had known I was down to the last few grains, I would have taken my time to savour it. Now, I'm left hanging, feeling empty and somewhat frustrated. Can you feel my agony? I  need closure *sob*.


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  1. lol.i know that time make sure u savour every morsel.