Sunday, 14 June 2015


When a lot of Nigerian ladies(this I'm sure of) are asked what kind of man they want to spend the rest  of their lives with you'll hear different things but you can almost bet you'll hear "a God-fearing man". I'll admit that I am one of those ladies.I heard this again recently and it got me thinking about what we mean when we say a man is God-fearing.

Does being God-fearing mean he attends church services everyday without fail? Is a man God-fearing because he is a member of all the groups in church and helps organise church programmes? Does being God-fearing mean that a man will never share his body with any woman who is not his wife?

A God-fearing man to me is a man who is religious as well as spiritual,more of the latter actually. I do not believe that being religious i.e. just attending church services is enough,being prayerful and kind are just as important if not more.It is not about being bodily present at all church programmes but recognizing that God reigns supreme and holds the answer to all that we may encounter in our life together.

Monogamy is a big part of being God-fearing *(straight face)* the Good Book does say as much and who am I to disagree.

Ladies when you say you want a God-fearing man, what do you mean?


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