Friday, 12 June 2015


Hello Everyone,

Happy 2015 to you all( its not too late right, especially as this is the first official post for this year).
*singing* I gotta feeling that this year's gonna be a good year,....a good, good year. Be thankful you all can't hear Sugar, my hubby says I have a croaky voice . I say its husky and sexy. 

Seriously though, I just know 2015 will be an amazing year for us all in Jesus name.
There will be no looking back or pondering on what 2014 wasn't or might have been. Keep your gaze ahead, learn from the past year and go conquer 2015. 

So.... what did you do on new year's day?
I spent mine with my hubby *huge grin*. I was so happy because he was at work on Christmas day. Imagine spending your very first Christmas as a newlywed without your spouse, spoilt all my romantic plans but, my sister was nice enough to come and spend the week and she was a good buffer.

On New Year's day, we went to church, then I started cooking when we got back. I made white rice and vegetable sauce with chicken. Starter was pepper soup and there was ice cream for dessert. Yummy right?
We rested for a little while and then went out. Stopped first at a photo studio to take some pictures then we ended up at some new shopping complex, where there was a children's party. We didn't crash it o! We just did  a bit of sightseeing, more photos and got pizza.

Oh my God!!!

That pizza was Ah-mazing. I started munching on it right away in the car. Its easily the best I have ever had and I have resolved to eat it once a month*insert sheepish grin*. My mates are dieting and exercising, while my resolution is to eat pizza once a month. Seriously, whenever I recall the awesome taste, the craving starts all over again. Enough about food jor!

That was my New Year's day experience. Hope you had more fun than I did. Do share. Until next time, Toodles!


This piece was actually written in January. Lets you know this blog has been in the works quite a while.

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