Wednesday, 24 June 2015


 On my way home from work one day it started raining heavily and so I had to wait till the rain subsided.I took shelter in a building and standing beside me on the phone was a man giving someone directions and urging the person to wait for him. After a while it stopped raining and I continued on my way home. When I got to the junction the following ensued:-

MAN: wheire you goin?
ME:    what? ( turning around to see the man who was beside me a few minutes ago speaking to  
           me with a funny ackcent)
MAN:  wheire you goin?
ME:    (smiling) Oga abeg leave me I no wan laugh.

Did I mention that when this man was talking on the phone he had no accent whatsoever?
It is a fact that almost everywhere you go in Nigeria you hear some kind of ackcent on the radio, on a flight,at the supermarket and even on a bus ride.
It is perplexing that on almost all the flights I have been on it has been almost impossible to hear the pre-flight information, in a bid to speak with an accent all the words are jumbled making everything sound like gibberish.Even when you call your network provider either to inquire about some service or lay a complaint about something you have to deal with someone with a funny ackcent giving you information.

We can speak properly without having to put on airs or "form ackcent". There is nothing more annoying than tuning in to radio show to listen to something cool and relaxing and hearing the voice of a presenter who is trying to decide whether he/she wants to speak with an American accent or a mixture of his normal Nigerian accent and his idea of what a British accent sounds like.

My dear people instead of trying so hard to speak with an ackcent, try to speak good English with a pleasant tone.


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