Friday, 12 June 2015


Just writing this makes me want to laugh out loud. Honestly, women have suffered.Once you get to a certain age/stage in life, usually final year in school to post NYSC, your mum and her friends start asking you if you've caught any 'Bobo'. In my case, it was my mum's friends and  aunties that did the asking/harassing. I always wondered where river bobo is though. I mean, the way they 'tease' you about when you'll invite them to wear aso-ebi, you just have to wonder if there's a market where you can go to purchase a man or a river to go husband fishing.

Anyway, so lets say you have gone fishing and successfully caught your Bobo, you guys have gone through the whole dating and courtship stage and are now finally married, how long till people start asking either out rightly or indirectly by alluding to the presence of a pregnancy.

In my case,  the questions started within the first month of marriage and it was from my dear friends. Comments like 'you're back from honeymoon abi? don carry belle? Or.. Morula dey? These ones we just laughed over.

2nd month of marriage: my mum!!!

I took ill with malaria and when I mentioned how weak and nauseous I was feeling, she hung up and then called back immediately to ask if I'd had the painters in. I rolled my eyes(thank God she couldn't see me) and replied with a resounding YES MUM. Didn't know she was so eager to be a grandma *scrunching face*. I later heard through the grapevine aka my sister PJ, that my grandma, mum and great aunts said I shouldn't waste any time o! Granny wants to see her great grand kids. Hmm... no pressure, no pressure.

3rd month of marriage: Mother-in-law.

Mummy dearest called hubby and asked if we are planning to have our first, at the end of this year or first quarter of next year, so she could plan her leave accordingly ( we have a say here at all mum? like maybe, we want to wait a bit and nurture our relationship before the kids come?). I just smiled and shook my head. At least it means many people willing to do omuguo for me right?

In my case, it took two months for the questions to start rolling in and nope, my dear friends don't How long before you started getting the well-meaning stares, insinuations, teases and questions? Personally, I stopped doing that after I asked a friend and it turned out she was having some difficulty conceiving. So my dear people, I know you mean well but unless you are a first degree relative by birth or marriage , please be sensitive. I'm being too nice. What I really meant to say is it's really none of  your business. #stayoutofmyuterus#

Peace y'all, Jazz.


  1. lol.i can imagine how annoying it must have been having people all up in your business..
    just found about your blog and im loving it!

  2. Thank you so much! We apologise for the lull but things will be popping here very soon. Headed to your blog.